Sasha Kane is an internationally-renowned commercial and fine art photographer currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

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Artist Statement

Create what they've never seen before. This was the guiding principle, as I first set upon this current chapter of my career. But where to begin? From my earliest days, I've always sought to tell stories and to make people feel. Something, anything. To create images of such dimensionality and meaning that they transcended the mere split-second of a moment they captured.

Every image begins with an idea. A strong, palpable seed of conscious thought expressed through a confluence of light and movement, and through the whirlwind randomness of happenstance when a beautiful dancer is placed in front of a camera. For that briefest of moments, the impossible happens. It isn't simply enough to photograph a movement or a sequence of choreography. The conscious act of creation of an image requires as deliberate a construction inasmuch as a ballet is more than just a string of unrelated movements. We all have a story to tell.

As a process-based studio photographer, I constantly seek to break free from my own continually revised preconceptions of the world. I strive to elevate my existing raw vision of humanity to something loftier. My work is focused on iconography and the visual representation of ideas.

When I began to shoot dancers, I recognised, in this; a perfect idea that I had strived to express, built up beyond the framework of my practice. These fantastical beings whom have transcended the limitations of the human physical structure to become something more.

Beautiful. Transcendent. An elevation of the human experience.



Fox Sports, Netflix, McLaren Racing, The History Channel, Amazon Prime, Pernod Ricard, Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (Belgium), Channel 9 Australia, Shaw Media, Jacob’s Creek, Dan Murphy’s, Suntory, Gymnastics Australia, The Victorian State Ballet.